November 16, 2018
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At The Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena, we are staffed mostly by volunteers. Our peer-counselors are called Client Advocates and receive on-going and comprehensive training. They work generally for one 3-4 hour shift per week.

All services are free and confidential. Some of the services offered are:

  • Free pregnancy tests, including the Medicaid Proof of Pregnancy Form
  • Education on abortion options,
  • Adoption peer-counseling,
  • Maternity clothing and baby items through our 
    Points To Success program
  • Advice on developing healthy relationships,
  • Post-abortion healing for those suffering emotionally from previous choices,
  • Referrals for medical care, Medicaid, WIC, local doctors, food, shelter, maternity homes, and continuing education
  • Referrals to local churches for those searching for a church home
  • Emergency resources for infants in the community (as our donations allow)

Medicaid, doctors' offices, WIC and other medical clinics in the area refer clients to Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena for help.


CPC Board of Directors
Bryan Hoffpauir
Sandra Norris
Teresa Abel Lloyd
 Judith Vasquez
CPC Staff
Bobbie Zamminer,
Executive Director
    [email protected]    
Carol Burley 
Christina Angula 
Center Coordinators

CPC is affiliated with the following agencies: