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 We are completely supported by people in the community so that all of our services are free to our clients.  



To provide LIFE-affirming support, services, and resources to those facing an unintended pregnancy, and also to offer education in healthy lifestyle choices.

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Community Pregnancy Center




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Pregnancy Resource Center

Our services include:
- Free pregnancy tests & peer-counseling
- Education on:
  • The Parenting Option
  • The Adoption Option             
  • The Abortion Option, including medical information and side effects
  • Comprehensive pre-abortion counseling, including a free ultrasound
- Parenting classes and support groups
- Assistance with maternity clothes & baby items
- Personal Youth Development and Healthy Relationships classes
- Healing for Previous abortions  
* In Texas, a woman has the legal right to receive pre-abortion counseling, and to see ultrasound pictures of her baby.  Your Client Advocate will tell you if you qualify for ultrasound services.
Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena,
sharing truth, offering hope, saving lives - 2 at a time.

Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena is a 501 (c)3 corporation, and all of your donations are tax-deductible, per the IRS Tax Code.  Contact your tax professional for additional information.


The safe-haven law allows a woman to leave her baby in the arms of an employee at any fire station, police station, or hospital! They are safe, no records or information is required and the baby gets a forever home, and a chance at LIFE!  
We are not a medical facility and we do not do abortions or referrals for abortions

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Watch for details on this year's events:

March 28, 2020 - CPC 5K for LIFE! at San Jacinto Monument. 

Oct. 2, 2020 - Community Pregnancy Center Fall Banquet and Silent Auction

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Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena


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