Community Pregnancy Center is Expanding our Operations

We have begun the process of adding a Mobile Ultrasound Unit to our services.  The MMU will allow us to enter into the communities exactly where women and teen girls, who are at risk for abortion, are located.


At CPC 92% of the women who see their baby on the ultrasound will choose life for that child.


By adding a mobile unit, we will have 2 times the capacity to meet with clients and allow them to see their baby.


We have an expectation that each of our clients will have an opportunity to hear the gospel. We remember the gift that we received and want to share that with everyone who comes through our doors (or on our bus).   We remember, at CPC, in Psalm 103:12 that our sins have been removed as far as the east is from the west.  With that in mind, we will serve the surrounding Houston area, in the East, the West, North, and South.


At CPC of Pasadena, we know that the need for a mobile unit is much bigger than Pasadena.  We have always served clients by need, not a race, religion, or address and, our plan for a mobile unit is the same - with one very exciting distinction!  When a client visits the MMU, chooses life for her child, and wants additional services, we will provide her with a referral and information on the pregnancy center that is closest to her location.   


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Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena


4230 Vista Road, Pasadena, TX  77530