November 16, 2018
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The Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena hears the stories behind the faces. We hear the fear. We hear the embarrassment. We hear the voice of Redemption as these girls' lives are changed by an unchangeable God!

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 The Pro-Choice Woman’s Story - “At just 25 years old, this woman was now in her 8th pregnancy. She suffered 2 miscarriages, bore 3 children, and chose 2 abortions. Her youngest child was just 8 months old. 8 different pregnancies with different choices, different men, and different scars.”

The Couple’s Story - "Her Mormon father and Catholic mother created an environment of hostility in the home. They divorced, and now this client was a pawn in their battles against each other. Even while she was explaining her story to the counselor, her mom called her to kick her out of the house."

The Sex and Revenge Story - "If she chose life, she would be homeless, kicked out of her ex-fiancé’s home. She tried to stay open to all the options, but she was also terrified of all the options."

The Grieving Mother’s Story - "After 2 years full of loss, she was too scared to hope, too scared to make plans. She blamed herself for the miscarriages. Maybe this was her fault. Maybe this was a punishment. Maybe God was mad at her.”

The Fearful Christian’s Story - “Now, she sat in our counseling room. The test read positive. She was pregnant again by the same man who left her a few months ago for this very reason. How could she endure another man leaving? How could she endure another abortion? How could she endure another miscarriage? How could she possibly carry another pregnancy in this situation?”

The Prisoner’s Story - “The free sex. The pregnancy at 14. The drugs. The prison sentence. The loss of her children. The abortion. She had done 'too much'. She had made too many wrong decisions to deserve Heaven.”

The Wiccan’s Story - “The teenager then elaborated on her beliefs, telling the counselor of the magic of WICCA. Calmly, the counselor asked her second question to fully grasp the extent of this belief: ‘Where do you believe you’ll go when you die?’ ‘I’ll become a tree.’”

The 12 Year Old’s Story - “She wanted to have a baby at 12 years old, but she wasn’t sure if she should have an abortion instead. She wanted to have sex and share that responsibility with someone, but she certainly didn’t want it long-term.”

The Forgiven’s Story - “This wasn’t an unplanned pregnancy. This didn’t seem to be a crisis. And yes, this pregnancy wasn’t a crisis. ‘I’ve had 4 abortions.’ The first when she was 16. The second when she was 19. The third when she was 22. The fourth when she was 24.”

The Abortion Exception’s Story - “Before she could pay for an abortion, she needed someone to tell her that she was right in getting one. Society told her that her situation, all her reasons were more than enough to warrant an abortion. She was a teen--She was a student--She was unemployed--She was unsupported”

The Sex-Addict’s Story - “Waiting only to hear a 'Welcome to the Community Pregnancy Center', our client burst open in her confession: ‘I have a sex addiction.’ Together, they moved even further into the painful story. ‘I need an abortion today.’”

The Jehovah’s Witness’ Story - “Her children-from separate men-span the state of Texas. She only has custody of her youngest sons. Her current possible pregnancy is fathered by a different man whose identity she fiercely protected. She’s confused. She’s ashamed. She’s alone. ‘I don’t want this baby. I need an abortion.’”

The Lost Girl’s Story - “Her security in a family structure was first struck with the excruciating pain of divorce. Then a ruthless, fatal disease struck second. Her guaranteed future as a legally parentless minor finally demolished all security the word “family” once provided.”

The Hardened Heart’s Story - "She knew she was going to abort. It wasn’t a baby in there. It was hardly even a pregnancy to her. It was just a mistake, one that Planned Parenthood offered to erase. She saw her positive pregnancy test, and she didn’t want prayers. She didn’t want our free ultrasound. She wanted out.”

The Cousin’s Story - “Due to violent and detrimental complications, her pregnancy-at 7 months-was terminated for the health of the mother. Thursday, however, changed the ending to this cousin’s dark story to have a family with her husband, because on Thursday, she saw her new son.”

The Stripper’s Story - “She had been rejected by her own mother, her father, and her grandfather. She was raped on a regular basis by family. She gave away her first born child, when she, too, was just a child. She had been seen and touched in the most intimate ways by complete strangers. This was her life. This was all she knew: betrayal, perversion, and abandonment.”

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