October 22, 2018
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Healthy Relationships

The teen years are a very critical stage for healthy relationship development.  Risky behaviors such as drug/alcohol use and early sexual activity can derail a young person’s future dreams and goals. 

The WAIT Training curriculum was developed specifically to educate, equip, and inspire young people to protect their heart, body, mind, and spirit.  This training is fun, interactive, age and developmentally appropriate, culturally sensitive, medically accurate and research-based.  It includes character, relationship and marriage preparation education.  The seminar also discusses the social science in regard to what makes marriages succeed or fail, and several messages about starting over.  

The goals of WAIT Training are:

  • To reduce out of wedlock birth rates
  • Prevent abortion
  • Reduce STDs and HIV
  • Reduce drug and alcohol use
  • Reduce the age of sexual onset and the number of partners
  • Increase the number of teens willing to commit to abstinence
  • Increase the number of previously sexually active now choosing abstinence

WAIT Training is and new and revolutionary education, that can change the way our youth think and behave, and thereby change the world – WILL YOU JOIN THE REVOLUTION?
Call the Center to learn how you can bring WAIT Training to a school or church youth group near you.

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