When you join with Community Pregnancy Center...

You are partnering with a pro-life ministry that has been located in the heart of your community for 37 years. Community Pregnancy Center (CPC) is one of the first pregnancy resource centers in southeast Texas. With you, we have seen the look of our community change, making the mission of CPC more important than ever. We've seen teen pregnancy on the rise. You've watched pregnancy move into the junior high schools. Harris County and Pasadena ISD now lead the country in teen repeat pregnancies.

With the support of pro-life people like you, CPC is working in high schools and offers:

  • The Point to Success program, teaching parenting classes
  • Speaking at school assemblies about the sanctity of human life and abstinence.

Each year, at your Community Pregnancy Center about 1000 women and teen girls will meet with caring Christian women who offer a safe place to learn about the pregnancy options of parenting, adoption, and abortion. Clients receive medically accurate and current information, including possible side effects.  Your ultrasound-techs will perform about 200 ultrasounds this year and 94% of the clients who see their baby on the ultrasound, will choose life for their child.

The other services available to the community include:

  • pregnancy support including parenting, prenatal, and family building classes.
  • emergency supplies (diapers, clothes, toiletries, etc.) for children.
  • support and recovery help from the often-devastating effects of abortion.
  • Bible Studies
  • holiday food baskets
  • help with the Medicaid application
  • Local ministry partnerships including other pregnancy resource centers provide an extra level of service to our clients.

Because you care 98% of the clients visiting Community Pregnancy Center rate the building, and client advocates 10 out of 10. They write about a patient, caring, and understanding client advocates. Your client Stephanie says, “they offer free pregnancy tests and family groups/classes about lots of helpful information. Along with Bible studies. The best!!”

We seek to ensure that each client coming through our doors hears the Gospel message. She should leave the center knowing that she is loved and cherished by an incredible God and Savior. This year we will see over 100 women and teen girls come to a saving relationship with Jesus.

If you choose to partner with Community Pregnancy Center, how many more women can we reach? How many children can be saved?

Will you join us by completing the secure donation form on our secure giving page?