November 16, 2018
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The options when you talk to potential clients...

When you are talking to family members or friends that are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, the following information will give you a brief overview to help you in your conversations.  Be sure to visit the Client Website at for more complete information.

If you are pregnant, there are 3 options:
  • Parenting the child yourself
  • Adoption
  • Abortion

Parenting the child yourself

The first option to consider is parenting the baby yourself. It may seem frightening to consider if you're alone or experiencing financial hardships, but at Community Pregnancy Center, we offer peer-counseling to work through the issues and provide information, and classes called Point to Success which teaches prenatal info, infant parenting skills, and some life skills to help with things like budgeting.  While attending class, clients earn points to use in the blessing, which can provide diapers, clothes, furniture, or other items you may be worried about how to afford. 


Open adoption

Adoption can be one of the most loving, unselfish acts a woman can consider. There are countless childless couples who desperately want a family. With today's open adoptions you can have as much or little input in choosing your baby's adoptive family, and even have the opportunity to schedule visitation.
The decision you must make right now is not going to be an easy one, no matter what you do. However, you must weigh all the options and decide what is the best decision for you and your baby.


Finally, we come to the option of abortion.  If your friend or family member is considering abortion, be sure she knows her legal rights, (according to state and federal law) and understands the different procedures and their possible complications.  For many women abortion is an option that has serious emotional and physical side effects.  At Community Pregnancy Center we provide pre-abortion counseling (one of your legal rights), which includes free ultrasound. Please make an appointment for your friend by calling the Center at 713-944-1730 and visit our client website at

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